Misaka 10032

Aka: Ichi, Misaka Imouto

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #1,455
Rank #10,973

Anime Roles

A Certain Magical Index Secondary
A Certain Magical Index II Minor
A Certain Magical Index III Minor Non-Speaking Role
A Certain Magical Index Movie: The Miracle of Endymion Minor
A Certain Magical Index-tan Minor
A Certain Magical Index-tan II Minor
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Secondary
A Certain Scientific Railgun S Specials Minor
A Certain Scientific Railgun T Minor
A Certain Scientific Railgun T: Motto Marutto Railgun Minor

Manga Roles

A Certain Idol Accelerator Minor
A Certain Magical Index Minor
A Certain Magical Index (Light Novel) Minor
A Certain Magical Index NT (Light Novel) Minor
A Certain Magical Index SS (Light Novel) Minor
A Certain Magical Index SS: Love Letter Soudatsusen (Light Novel) Minor
A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion Minor
A Certain Scientific Railgun Secondary
Genesis Testament: A Certain Magical Index (Light Novel) Minor

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ZeroHour2099 Aug 14, 2021

Part of me thinks that Misaka 10032 should have a proper name for herself, that way it would be easier to tell apart which misaka is which. 

I was thinking how does Madoka Misaka sound to anyone?

Epimondas Apr 13, 2019

I have a few issues with her existence.  

One, she’s a clone which is both awkward and bad enough in and of itself, but she’s not just one but one of 20,000 even if half were brutally slaughtered by a whack job who enjoys torturing, maiming, and ripping up little girls.

Two.  She acts more like the childish subconscious of Misaka than a true individual whichever only exacerbates the ingrained morality of cloning.

Three, cloning detracts from the human condition, soul, mind, individual, and the original state.  Not to mention it brings all sorts of moral dilemmas and ambiguity to the surface.

Four, although she develops a tad bit later on, she still was fully gung ho to march to the slaughterhouse as if it was the natural thing to do.

Five, she doesn’t have much life just as commonly depicted as a clone issue especially when growth is temporarily accelerated.  On top of that, she hasn’t been alive for long but doesn’t appear too childish, which suggests perhaps memory tampering or transplant copying.  Either issue only adds more sinister qualities to the already sinister nature of cloning.

Six, she has no problem watching or cleaning up mutilated bodies even if they look like her.

Seven, if she’s so dedicated to both the secrecy and nature of the experiment as she claims, why does she wonder around town so often unescorted.  What’s more, why is she the only one?  It compiles issues such that, if, the others are like her or is she an anomaly and can or will the others truly be unique individuals?  Her existence sort of contradicts what moral high ground the show appears to imply.

Eight, she has very minuscule presence even when she is sort of acting alive and like a character with a few exceptions but those go away after her main story arc role is done and she returns.

Nine, Misaka has a very illogical and unrealistic relationship and acceptance of her, despite her anger at the terrorists wannabes pretending to be scientists.  I find it unlikely very little agitation comes from her over interacting with her copy.  Even for people who could somehow miraculously accept that without any apparent issues, seeing such a reality can’t possibly be tossed aside so lightly without showing some more profound anxiety or struggle to cope.  

Ten, though they say 20,000 of them were made, we don’t see much of a suggestion of that scope.  It makes her character all the more unrealistic and unbelievable she could exist under such a setting.  How could so many even exist, be killed, be made, or be freed even with several years involved.  Accelerator is the killer of 10,000 little girls and yet the years between when he was asked and the series time frame could be more then 10 or 15 years at the absolute most.  That would mean 2.5 - 3 murders a day every day for over a decade.  How’d he have the time or time to eat, study, clean up, not insta gone on a mind break rampage?  Wouldn’t that be too much constant work?  Not to me the rat at which the copies had to be manufactured.  She is also too business like after all those who came before.  

Eleven, the business like interaction with the pervert child killer, accelerator, fails to demonstrate whether she is really alive or is a person or something else, thus confusing the odd contrast between the implied morality of the before and after story arc of the factor made Misakas.

Whether or not you fall into the moral question of any issue relating to her character, her story further confounds it with contradictions and failure to truly distinguish her from Misaka prime.

Redymare Jun 11, 2018

The Misaka Collective is definitely missing the mischivous tag. (¬‿¬)

KonohaNinja16 Jun 8, 2016

How can anyone hate this character?

JewellTH Oct 6, 2015

It's strange that people manage to hate her on here. What's there to hate?

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