Aka: Misa-Misa

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Soyaaaa Sep 27, 2020

Misa is everything someone shouldn't be, I can't understand people who like. God I hate her, burn in hell

Cremebrulle Sep 23, 2020

She's not that bad. 

Amirothaninja Sep 10, 2020

I can understand all the hate. Sure she's ditzy and dumb and can be selfish. but most of her negative actions are the cause of Light. He uses her in the most generic of fashions. I for one love Misa Amane, because she had so much potential as a character but ended up misused and wasted.

SecretOtaku Sep 9, 2020

~ Spoiler ~

I used to hate her, but now I do like her upon continuing watching the anime after I stalled it for more than a year.  I guess, at first, I disliked how clingy and, in my view, annoying she was and how she was obsessed with Light.  But, I don't know, I have grown to love all aspects of her, and when she sang that song whilst killing lots of people as Kira, wow, I instantly fell inlove with her <3. On the side note, I'm kinda hurt by how she didn't give Rem a second thought after Rem sacraficed herself for her-

urseethingwithDVs Sep 8, 2020

How  the fuck could you hate misa? WTF. .