Aka: Misa-Misa

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YamEnele Nov 21, 2019

WHY??? Misa Amane is just crazy inlove of Light! I didn't like her but not hate.. just okay. 

MattLangley Nov 21, 2019

One of my favourite Death Note characters, right behind Light and Ryuk. She made me laugh a lot and was surprised by how smart she actually was, something both the anime´s characters and most viewers never got to understand. 

CrimsonCondor Sep 5, 2019

@purpleheroine: You made me laugh, like, really hard. XD Gosh, I love this character.

purpleheroine Aug 18, 2019

Hands down the best fact from Death Note is that Light refuses to take the Shinigami eye deal because he wants to live a long life but still fails to outlive Misa, who took the eye deal twice... so who is now a useleses b/ch now?

mmbroken Aug 15, 2019

She reminds me of Harley Quinn, but I still didn't like her.