Aka: Misa-Misa

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HitlersArtTeacher Apr 18, 2021

Major spoilers follow. I love Misa. She is more intelligent than she is accredited for; it would be unfair to compare her to Light, Near, and L, but she is capable of more than the average person. Considering the various reasons she associates Light with the positive aspects of her life and seeks solace in him to supplement her feeling of loss from her family's demise and cope with the trauma of being sexually assaulted, it is sensible for her to be a "simp", if you will. In my opinion, her psychology is intriguing and complex, as with the majority of Death Note's characters. I wish she had development, but at the same time, her static nature is not unrealistic, as not all victims of severe trauma recover.

WarningNamed Apr 18, 2021

i stopped a once she got introd 

bakaweebuwu Apr 17, 2021


lawdbunnies Apr 15, 2021

dunno how I feel abt her but...she def deserved better than light! She was a bit obsessive and I understand because she was traumatized but..whew

ValentinesDoll Apr 13, 2021

"she made light's life a living hell" good! he deserved it