Aka: Misa-Misa

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sylvestcato Oct 15, 2021

noooo shes one of my favorite charcters

Wisteria85 Oct 15, 2021

Kind of annoying but not like Light.

Poor girl was definitely mentally unstable and at least her obsession isn't treated like a healthy thing where the guy magically falls for her at the end after treating her like shit *side eyes Sasusaku and Eremika*

yuriblackwell12 Sep 27, 2021

i m like her , she is like  miria harvent

Nixaka Sep 17, 2021

Lmao the way stupid 12 yo girls only like her bc she's goth is funny af

vivistar Sep 7, 2021

Was indifferent towards her my first watch. Loved her after rewatching.