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Hair Color: White
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My Hero Academia 4 Minor
My Hero Academia 5 Minor
My Hero Academia 6 Minor

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My Hero Academia Minor
My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Minor

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AnimePixel Jun 7, 2023

I kind of agree with below comment that Mirko was a bit overpoweredly presented in that one particular episode. I mean realistically and logically she would've died 10 times over during the fight with the Nomus. Also we don't know much about her and neither do we ever saw her in action so it was a bit over the top- maybe if Eraser was there with her or other heroes there, it would've been more realistic.

I would say that most females in this show either have support, scouting, or just very weak and feminine quirks. Thus why the main female characters have no lime light. In any case Mirko was one of those few exceptions where even though being a rabbit is still a feminine quirk, she handled herself pridefully, showing both physical and mental strenth. I like her personality and overall respect her as a character so I do appreciate it if people wouldn't eyeing her like a slab of meat. Really though if you like her just for her thighs or bunny costume please see yourself out. 

Lessermook Apr 15, 2023

Forced character, looks like a garbage Final Fantasy Fran clone, which is exactly what she is.

Horikoshi definitely has a hardy for this one because she has so much involvement out of the blue despite us not knowing who exactly this woman even is. (the most backstory we get is one picture of her school days in S4 ending credits)

A gutsy annoying loudmouth with thick thighs & goofy bunny ears and that's all it takes to appease the monke's

Despite her having more cool shit to do than the female characters we've ACTUALLY been with since VOL1 

That's like Jun having more to do than Katara when KATARA is actually one of the main characters, what sense does that make?

Just a horrible insert of a character. Just there to make stupid faces in fight scenes, & flex her legs for the virgins. She should've died 3 times by now.

All the effort forcing her in the spotlight to do cool shit, could've been reserved for the 1A girls that could use some of that clout.

Cannot stand Mirko. 

weeaboop Apr 1, 2023

coolest hero

weeaboop May 28, 2022

i WISHHHH that she had a bigger role. her character design is incredible 

stardust2222 Apr 28, 2022

im the guy in the blue and yellow 

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