Aka: Minorin

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Nivieda Nov 26, 2018

annoying as hell, I don't like her

JustAFangirl Jul 4, 2018

ok so i'm rewatching toradora 3 years after i first whatched it and even though minori was already my favorite character at that time i can't help but apreciate her even more now that i'm a bit older. she seems like the typical genki girl, but she's actually wise her sayings resonate with me. besides playing a sport and being energetic, the other thing i have in common with her that i didn't realise three years ago is tha she's clearly not straight lol

Mio Mar 20, 2018

Not the best character of the show, but not the worst either. I feel pretty neutral towards her.

brochan Dec 21, 2017

underrated as hell. that's it.

lonewitch Mar 27, 2017

She is my first favorite anime heroine. When I found her I thought, "Finally, an anime girl who is actually relatable and inspiring," She is like my irl girl friends who are fun to be with.

She is hard working, cute, quirky, knows how to joke, love her friends and willing to sacrifice for her friendship, try to be cheerful and be the moodmaker most of the time, but put the blame on herself first before anyone else. I fucking love this ball of energy Minorin <3