Gender: Female
Hair Color: Pink
Rank #439
Rank #961

Anime Roles

Akame ga Kill! Secondary
Akame ga Kill! Theater Secondary

Manga Roles

Akame ga Kill! Secondary
Akame ga Kill! 1.5 Main

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UglyAndWorthless Jan 12, 2021

I like absolutely nothing about her. I hate her, like just seeing her character makes my blood boil. First, her upbringing is so half-assed, like I understand being bullied is horrible, but compared to the other characters in Night Raid, she's literally a joke. It just doesn't make sense to me logically that her being bullied = assassinating political officials who are corrupted. It's pathetic. Next thing I hate about her is her annoying ass personality, like she's just hatable in every way imaginable and it just fathoms me how anyone could like her. And finally, I hate her relationship with Tatsumi and her lack of self-respect. This contains spoilers for the manga, but she deadass slept with Tatsumi and got pregnant so he'd "forget about Esdeath". Like this girl, this "character", is a pathetic joke, especially compared to the other characters.

However, to summarize, I like absolutely nothing about her. I hate her poorly-written upbringing, her annoying personality, her forced "love" for Tatsumi, and her lack of self-respect.

Ciradyl Dec 1, 2020

In my view, Mine's tsundere mannerisms, unrealistic femininity, and other traits were quite generic and forced. In addition, I believe her relationship with Tatsumi was very poorly-paced in the anime.

However, I liked her character, especially in the manga. I could find myself relating to her a lot, and it rendered her more lifelike to me. Mine received significant development, and her psychology was reasonably complex. I see no reason to love her, but I am attached to her, and I find her to be a decent character.

ProtectTheGayGremlin Nov 2, 2020

Admittedly she grew on me after my second time reading the manga! 

melhn Oct 18, 2020

How she ends up in the manga is 180 degrees different from the anime.... why

mythicalust Jun 26, 2020

deserved better in the anime, miss my genius sniper queen 

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