Aka: Mii-kun

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AtuaDamnedIdiot Aug 31, 2018

Bless this lovable cinnamon roll.

SortaAnISAddict Jul 10, 2018

She is one of the most fascinating, strong-hearted, and versatile characters I have ever laid my eyes on. She can be introverted and cool, shy and gentle, kind and loyal, and even bold and ruthless if need be. 

I doubt there are many characters that can surpass her in my book, although all of the cast members in this anime are truly amazing. 


trax Feb 2, 2017

She is hella cute you aholes thinks she is a boy lame  !!! Bigots

thelordelric Jul 24, 2016

Thought she was a trap at first, then I saw her in her underwear. She's hot as fuck.