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stardust2222 Mar 31, 2020

she is the reason i started watch this show

CrimsonCondor Mar 11, 2020

Someone made this comment several pages ago, but I am copying it so people realize the facts. Thank you to the OP.

"She only cares about eren. *This contains spoilers*

S1: save trost district against a selfish old rich guy

S2: save historia and their friends at utgard castle

S3 part1: save jean and historia, worried about armin, trusted levi

S3 part2: didn't join eren and armin vs collosal titan instead she stayed with jean, connie and sasha to fight armored titan. Didn't mind attacking levi just to save armin.

Ch 105/106 of the manga: mourn sasha's death and she stays at her tomb crying alone.

Of course she only cares about eren!"

BluuBerry1234 Mar 1, 2020

I hate her from the bottom of my heart, so annoying character ;-;

chefrryblossom1990 Jan 28, 2020

I like everyone in Attack on Titan except for Mikasa. She is so selfish and obnoxious. All she cares about is Eren and herself. Not once did she ever think about any of her other comrades or spared their lives, even though she's meant to be the strongest female character in this show. The fact that she's a junior soldier and she's already perfect in everything she does is just so unrealistic and stupid. Levi is strong because he's had decades of experience and was raised by a serial killer. Also Levi is the opposite of Mikasa. He looks out for everyone and helps Eren  gain his powers to max level. All Mikasa did was hold Eren back. I can see why Eren gets so annoyed with her. She really needs to just back off and leave him alone.

ValidUsername Jan 13, 2020

Ereh. Why does this character even exist? She has no plot relevance. I'm surprised a story with such great female representation has a woman with no ambitions, self-respect and development as the main heroine. Such a boring and pathetic character, waste of pages.