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CrimsonCondor Aug 20, 2019

mmbroken is correct. She has no personality, and her reasons for being the way she is are done-to-death and stereotypical. Worst girl.

Abdo00 Aug 20, 2019

Mikasa is the best character in attack on titan and all anime she's so beautiful and strong

mmbroken Aug 15, 2019

Mikasa is incredibly annoying. You know a character is useless when you can remove her from the plot and nothing would change. She only cares about Eren and how people could like her is beyond my comprehension.

ChaoticGirl Jul 17, 2019

Looking at MAL and AP it seems like her noisy haters were only minorities of the fandom she is the 2nd or 3rd most popular character overseas while in japan she's the only female character besides hange to be included in the top 10 popularity poll while her haters who mostly historia stans were only a minority in the fandom both in japan and overseas so who cares about monorities?

ChaoticGirl Jun 26, 2019

She only cares about eren. *This contains spoilers*

S1: save trost district against a selfish old rich guy

S2: save historia and their friends at utgard castle

S3 part1: save jean and historia, worried about armin, trusted levi

S3 part2: didn't join eren and armin vs collosal titan instead she stayed with jean, connie and sasha to fight armored titan. Didn't mind attacking levi just to save armin.

Ch 105/106 of the manga: mourn sasha's death and she stays at her tomb crying alone.

Of course she only cares about eren!