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presliylish Jul 21, 2021

This woman really tests my patience

kaguya13 Jul 19, 2021

In all honesty everyone who shipped mikasa and eren are low-key weird. That's like you adopting a boy and you have a daughter and them two go out. Mikasa had no character development she's selfish.  She's a broken record only have one line ereh I don't know why her being protective turned into a protective girl who is over obsessed with the person. 

Rookblonkorules Jul 12, 2021


I'm doing some rereading and honestly... she really never stops being selfish in my eyes. 

Because after Eren said he hates her- yeah, that was rotten of him (although I think that it was good for her character because it started to open her eyes to the fact that Eren wasn't the guy she'd been thinking he was and that she was in love with the ideal version of him and not who he really was- if only Isayama had kept her on that road), she's clinging to Armin, practically begging for support from him and not giving anything in return. 

Armin was right when he told her she needed to think for herself for once. 

This is after she literally physically assaulted him and slammed him on a table thoughtlessly in defense of Eren because she is so obsessed that it's just second nature to her. I used to read that scene and think "poor Mikasa" because her world had been shaken, but... her world view needed to be shaken. Maybe not in such a cruel manner, but it still needed to happen. 

So... while 'dogkasa' and 'slavekasa' are needlessly demeaning, I agree, the revelation that Eren lied about the Ackerbond? is not a strike in her favor. Because that just makes her a different kind of slave. 

I used to think she was 'best girl' but she honestly has the worst character development despite having some of the most screentime- and all the character development she does get involved Eren. Personally, I prefer Historia and Annie by far- 

Mikasa has her moments, don't get me wrong, and she was wonderful in season one but then she just kind of... flopped until season 4 where she could have been even better if the final chapter hadn't been dedicated to making a fanservice ship canon... Can we for once see a girl learn to live for herself and not have the man's affection thrown to her as a special treat? It's demeaning, it's cringey, and it's overdone. And it undid everything, because after dedicating himself to freedom and trying to set Mikasa free from her emotions.

She's my least favorite character and, while I would say that I hate her- especially with how some of her stans have been, I don't hate her with the same vitriol certain people do, but I think people overlook a lot of her flaws.

Yes, she had a trauma bond with Eren, but that doesn't mean that that's a good or healthy thing or that Eren is obligated to return her feelings- and a lot of people act like that, and I genuinely wish we had gotten to see her learning to let go of an unrequited love because that would have been far more interesting than what we got.

Mintymingi Jul 6, 2021

Im on episode 9 right now and honestly I dont get the hype. I hope she comes around later on because I really want to like her.

Wisteria85 Jul 5, 2021


The ending literally came across as "well, Eren just murdered 80% of the world, but uwu Mikasa might have hurt feelings/I don't want her to move on" is so cringe. 

She can rot by his grave now if he meant that much to her.