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Rookblonkorules Apr 21, 2021

Used to love her but chapter 138 really soured her character for me.

heragakill Apr 17, 2021

the fact that she was actually free of her emotions and every bound she had to make the "right" decision. at this point it doesn't come as a surprise to me that eren loves someone who can make her decisions despite of anything 

LaLeona Apr 15, 2021

I love her, she has the best character development and she's an intricate character. However, if you like Mikasa, you may want to check out the game NieR: Automata because 2B and Mikasa are very similar. They both have similar designs, personalities, they're both sword fighters, they both share the same Japanese voice actress, they're both masterpieces of characters. Like really, check it out if you love Mikasa.

ArudaSenpai Apr 11, 2021

Her obsession with life was Eren, of course, it is not easy to let him go. So many people expected things like that from her. Even though she had to choose, she is still strong and a very perfect character.

Shiramine Apr 11, 2021

At first, I really didn't like her. Her whole personality was based on her obsession with Eren. But now I can see that she has learned to think more of herself. Btw her new hairstyle is gorgeous ^^