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ValidUsername Sep 12, 2020

Eren... kazoku... mafura... mmgh... zankoku na sekai

urseethingwithDVs Sep 8, 2020

How the fuck y'all gonna put kirito over mikasa? Fucking normies bruh.

mikuh Aug 24, 2020


ErehIyegah Aug 22, 2020

I feel like I'd be attacked if I say I dislike Mikasa's character (does she even have one? Lol)

I gave Mikasa's character a chance in season 1, but her character just gets worse every season. Especially now in season 4, like come on. She's the blandest character out of the trio, I even think Levi has a better characterization than her. She just simps for Eren. 

I'm hoping Isayama improves her character though, in the last arc maybe. Otherwise, my opinion won't change. She needs to have a character development, as she really needs it (based on what's happening in the manga). 

Anniest40495365 Aug 16, 2020