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xSheDevilx May 27, 2020

I understand why people would hate her because of her obsession with Eren and on the surface, she doesn't have any substance. However, you all fail to notice that Eren has saved her life from the human traffickers and took her in when she thought she lost everything. On top of that, she lost her blood-related family and her adoptive family. She doesn't want to lose the only family she has left, which is Eren. Once you dig deeper into her character, not only is she emotionally attached to him, she is also instinctively attached.

However, think of all the times Mikasa has smiled. Not once did she smile because of Eren, well, I guess at the end of the second season. But regardless, she smiled when the child thanked her and looked up at her. She gave a genuine smile, one that shows pride and contempt. She truly cares in helping others (besides Eren, I can name countless times Mikasa has helped someone else). Basically I'm saying in a more complex level, Mikasa isn't really dependent on Eren. Eren is dependent on her. Notice all the times she had a headache, it wasn't because she was disobeying Eren, it was because of trauma. Physical and psychological. However, if you watch Lost Girls, you'll understand that Mikasa's purpose is to keep Eren from dying an early death. This is quite lengthy and I could go on, but I'm gonna end it here.

I mean, if you want to dislike a good character, go ahead. ;)

KenChimmy May 25, 2020

I dislike her, she boring and not personality wise strong female character. Haruhi is and I love her. Her overbearing love eren is so fucking annoying.

CrimsonCondor May 24, 2020

People can hate Mikasa all they desire on the condition they possess logic and evidence to support their claims regarding her. The same applies to those who love Mikasa.

StaBAnime May 24, 2020

 Worst than her is people who dont accept that are people who dont like Mikasa

FriendllA May 20, 2020

I wont deny that shes strong and an important piece of the show but shes still very bland. Her obsession over Eren is her only personality trait and its honestly really weird, theyre basically adoptive siblings and people still ship them.