Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #12,159
Rank #353
I this character

Anime Roles

PSYCHO-PASS 3 Secondary
PSYCHO-PASS 3: First Inspector Secondary
PSYCHO-PASS: Providence Secondary
PSYCHO-PASS SS: Case. 1 - Crime and Punishment Main
PSYCHO-PASS SS: Case. 2 - First Guardian Minor
PSYCHO-PASS: The Movie Minor

Manga Roles

Kanshikan Tsunemori Akane Minor
Psycho-Pass 3 Secondary
Psycho-Pass SS: Case. 1 - Tsumi to Bachi Main

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Berch Nov 28, 2022

It feels like Akane is the lawful side of the Sybil system whereas she is the corrupt/evil side. That's clever writing.

noyako Oct 21, 2022

i only noticed now that she is the girl from the girl's academy lmao

i hated her in the 2nd season... ig she portrays lots of rotten side us human has. she is jealous of Akane-chan and she's basically a puppet of the Sybil system - bc she is afraid of her psycho-pass turning dark. and someone before my comment said that she's a hypocrite and yes, she is but who isn't?. she contributed to bad things to happen and instead of accepting the blame and carry on she just tries to blame another person instead. i hate her but she is quite pitiful in a way.

Eloza Jul 8, 2022

She doesn't deserve all this hate, like yeah the girl is indeed annoying with poor life choices, but still just the victim of the system and it's brainwashing

Akemiami Jan 25, 2022

She is perfect - in the worst way. In the beginning she was the girl, who didn´t trust to Rikako Oryo (Idk how to write it). It was clever... she survived. And it was the moment when I thought "hm, I like that".  I think that she has similar trauma like Akane- their besties were murdered in really bad way. But Akane got out of it. Akane was supported by her co-workers and she belives in people from very beginning. In Mika´s case it´s opposite- she started to be totally obsesed with Sibyla- for her it´s only one solution for better world. And Mika became maniac (all of villians in the whole PP are more fair than Mika). Since the second season it looks like a big conflict between the two women. And I hope that we will see it. 
I really like developing of her character - she is evil hypocrite and that´s perfect for this perfect world where the story is set

Astronvl Oct 2, 2021

Oh golly oh why oh why did Chief Kasei take you off the case? Maybe because you're right in front of the building where your colleagues and citizens are getting beat the shit out and you're not doing shit