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SecretOtaku Sep 9, 2020

yeah, I liked Mello much better than Near ~

sairaragomen Aug 23, 2020

is it weird if i find this guy better than near? I mean--Near is more brainy but Mello is better. He cared about L's death, and even sacrificed himself for Near to find out who killed L.

Animeblcomicfangirl Aug 15, 2020

I hate him I like near more than him to be honest and I dont even like near...can he die and stop eating so much chocolate like forreal..all tht chicalite dont u get sick of it t some point u have to get sick of eating chocolate all the time..him and l should've gotten diabetes...but ls way better than him stop dude ull never be as good as l.......but at least he seemed like he cared for him a bit tho he got over his death real quick..but it's better than being near..near didnt give 2 shits lol tho I still like near more

KeeperOfIdeals Aug 1, 2020

at least he had a reaction to Ls death and near didnt

Hak Jul 30, 2020

He's hormonal hence why he always eats chocolate and has bitch fits.