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DILI Jun 9, 2015

Yo megu-taaan~ How about a trick to make you feel better? ^_^1- Hold your breath2- Die.

bu773rfly Dec 17, 2014

Pure 100% bitch.

Aylia May 27, 2014

Vapid person only concerned with outward appearances. She has absolutely no compassion for those around her and only sees them for the ways in which she can manipulate them into getting what she wants.

Pure bitch and disgusting person. In my imagination she gets hit by a bus after the canon story.

hoffstyle Mar 10, 2013

Not only did they play the pity card but did you notice in the scene where Mei comes running up to the apartment while Yamato and Momo are there and Momo is comforting her?Megumi shoots Mei this look of pure, unadulterated hatred. And that settled it in my mind. She was a pure bitch unworthy of any sympathy.

kaosu Dec 28, 2012

i hated her, then they played the pity card