Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #553
Rank #59

Mayuri is the deranged captain of the Twelfth Squad, and president of the Shinigami Research Department. He likes nothing more than procuring a new specimen to examine and dissect and while he instils absolute fear into his unfortunate guinea pigs, he often tests out his twisted experiments on himself. As sadistic as its master, Mayuri’s zanpakutou, Ashisogi Jizou, is one of the most bizarre in Soul society with its terrifying appearance and the ability to emit poisonous gas.

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Anime Roles

Bleach Secondary
Bleach Movie 1: Memories of Nobody Secondary
Bleach Movie 2: The DiamondDust Rebellion Secondary
Bleach Movie 3: Fade to Black Secondary
Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen Secondary

Manga Roles

Bleach Secondary
Bleach (2021) Secondary
Bleach: Jigoku Hen Special - The Unforgivens Minor
Bleach: Spirits Are Forever with You (Light Novel) Minor

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KozukiZoro Jun 24, 2022

He's actually kinda dope ngl

ReviewBonfire Feb 9, 2022

This guy is or.. he was interesting. But of course again, he is just a victim of the plot. He ends up being an pushover and an irrelevant character. Still had some cool moments.

Also, he is probably the most evil character in the entire Manga. 

FuzzyVixen Jul 30, 2021

Now that i am re watching bleach ive realized that kurotsuchi is the perfect collection of everything disturbing in a villan. 

  • Clown-like- lots of people hate that
  • Can regrow limbs- unsettling 
  • Has 1 long nail- holy hell just cut that thing off
  • His ear comes off- that organic rope attached to it is nasty
  • His head is asymmetrical- why not make it woosh backwards
  • He has no lips- always smiling
  • His sword placement- why is it wedged between his legs
  • His bankai- giant baby budda caterpillar thing w/poison
  • His goop ability- cowardly retreat 
  • His camouflage ability- always lurking 
  • His abusive nature- poor nemu

Thanks i hate it!

Pisco Jul 12, 2021

Just love him because of his voice actor .. Lord Frieza and Ceser D. Clown 

OsumarefromMAL Apr 17, 2021

One of the worst fictional fathers ever lmao

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