Aka: First Master, The Fairy Tactician

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Jaday18 Nov 30, 2018

Mavis Vermilion is one of my favourite top 10 characters in Fairy Tail. I just love her so much she’s so cute and smart in the show even in Fairy Tail Zero where we get to see her in action.

Also if anyone hates this character I’ll say it right now. You have no soul.

Mavis2006 Jun 2, 2018

 Other than Zeref, Mavis is my favourite charater in Fairy Tail she is just like an angel cute and positive.

jadeosaurus Mar 18, 2018

shes been through so much i just want to protect her

Alquds98 Jul 30, 2016

I instantly liked her in Fairy Tail Zero moving forward and staying positive is the way through life. Also someone change that picture it is a bit creepy.

Annou May 31, 2016

Great character ^^