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lanif1 Mar 15, 2015

Another creep...

I didn't like some of the episodes that he appears in as much as I think I would have, I bet that's all due to this fruitcake being in them.

FlutterBOSS Dec 7, 2014

He was completely screwed up. I had sympathy for him. 

MistyGlassEye Sep 5, 2013

For me there are two groups of fucked up characters in anime:  Those who annoy me, irritate me and make me wish they were dead is one group and the second one ... well... it's a group of fucked up characters that I find fascinating, interesting and exciting.  Mao belongs to the second group. 

StargazerD Aug 12, 2013

He was awesome, in his screwed up way, but he was.

lewieroo0 Aug 10, 2011

Probably one of the few characters in an Anime to ever mention Australia :P