Aka: Suphia MYNE

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DevilishAri Feb 6, 2019

ugh disgusting trash! always pissing me off

Axopti Feb 6, 2019

she really does warm my FURNACE

Naviety Feb 1, 2019

Stupid bitch.

MarkVez Jan 31, 2019


footmaster Jan 31, 2019

Forkin' hate this bitch!

I really want the MC punch her face so hard. That will satisfy me a lot.

She's already in my top 3 hate list of how she makes me piss off every time she appears.

I don't want her die quick but rather have her suffer a lot before dying... like something the goblins from Goblin Slayer do to their victims.

I deeply question the sanity of these few people who actually like her.

Are you guys on crack?