Aka: Suphia MYNE

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AnimeIsForWeebs1482 Mar 4, 2019

no anime has ever made me want to actually hate a charachter, before this

AdamLoveMiku84 Mar 3, 2019

Not the only one who hate this bitch, gee. Why she hate main character and ruining his life it not like like other 3. Hope she get what she desvere.

mendor Mar 3, 2019

I hate this f-ing bitch do much, like why is she acting like that what is her motivation, how is it possible that she turn everybody easily againts Naofumi. I make this first rewiev on this site bcs every character i mark as i hate i mostly hate a little or find them annoyng but this shit is pure evil JESUS

Axopti Feb 25, 2019

don't confuse bitch with our favourite bitch-sensei

LilyNadesico Feb 24, 2019

She isn't a bitch, she is Bitch. XD