Aka: Suphia MYNE

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burntpopcorn Apr 4, 2019

i dont think ive ever had this much hatred for a character in a long, long time.

TheBigBadWolf95 Apr 3, 2019

Who had the idea with this character wanted a lot of hate so that some of us anime viewers quit watching the shield hero

Dinomoto Apr 3, 2019

Good, I'm glad she has a fucked up fate, she deserves it. No spoilers though, I wanna enjoy her suffering. 

TheIllIntent Apr 2, 2019

Her real name is Malty Melromarc, btw. Weird she's only named her fake name here.

After a point, it becomes hard to even love to hate a character like this. She's just horrible for the sake of being so. Though I will say that NOT EVEN SHE deserved the fate she was given in the novel. The FUCK was the author on writing something that fucked up and cruel?

SynKen Apr 1, 2019

Well. All I can say is. B.I.T.C.H