Makoto ITOU

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Noaws May 12, 2021

Just a real pice of shit, I want see his head

jellyffish Apr 29, 2021

what a fucking slut haha

kanekistoenail Apr 6, 2021

i'm usually pretty biased but lets just say this is pretty much the first time in my life i've ever felt such a strong hatred towards the mc

ChadBen Mar 28, 2021

Major Spoliers Ahead!

Makoto is genuinely the worst person I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing. Period.

At first, I actually liked him. I in the beginning saw him as a nieve, stupid, and young kid that was actually somewhat kind and nice to be around. He actually seemed to really like being with Kotonoha at first and was just trying to learn how to be around girls and to be a boyfirend. Though I do think that he was being way to pushy at first which is not ok, but I think it was just a part of him trying to learn the ropes of what's acceptable in dating.

But as the show progressed, he became not just a bad person, but an evil one.

I actually teared up a few times because I just felt SO BAD for Kotonoha and how she was being treated. How everytime she tried to connect in Makoto in even the smallest way, she was ignored. How she was isolated. How she was bullied relentlessly. How her trust and kindness was betrayed again, and again, and again. Most of which could have been easily solved if Makoto decided to use his other head and either try treat her better, or to try to break up with her in a way that allowed them to stay as friends. Which to me is another reason why I hate him.

He went from a kind, somewhat quiet and introverted kid, to a manipulative, selfish, inconsiderate, and perverted weasel. Instead of trying to think what he was doing and what consequences he might face for toying with people's emotions, he just goes, "Eh, whatever dude," and does NOTHING to stop his shitty behavior. Like even after he abandons Kotonoha, he still cheats on Sekai constantly as she's crying alone in her room, which is something he knows about and does nothing to try to be with her and help her.

Towards the end, when Christmas time was coming around, I thought that he would improve. The consequences of his actions gave him a cold slap in the face and he realized the consequences of his actions. He actually met Kotonoha and APOLOGIZED for what he did and went out to food with her. So I felt that he was trying to make up for what he did and support her.

But my hopes died fast.

He decided to ditch Sekai who he had abandoned Kotonoha to be with just because he didn't want to deal with the child she supposedly had. Then he tries to force Sekai to abort the child so he won't have to deal with it and invites her over to his house to talk about it. He gives an extremely weak apology (if you can call it that) and tries to ignore the topic just like he does with everything. This and his disregard for the meal Sekai made for him finally got her to go over the edge.

So all in all, Makoto is a selfish, manipulative, unfaithful, cruel, and heartless human being.

Sorry if I ranted a bit, I just feel strongly about this.

Mirabili Mar 21, 2021

He's such an unabashed weasel I don't even feel like adding him onto my hate list. In fact, I have a harder time believing someone like Kotonoha or Setsuna exists than believing there's a whole pack of Makoto Itous in this world. He evokes in the audience exactly the kind of moral revulsion he was intended to, and that, in my book, makes his a character a success.