Makoto ITOU

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KomuroTaka Aug 26, 2021

I don't know why someone as weak-willed as him would be the main character. He's nothing but a perverted shrinking violet

ChiefEugene Jul 19, 2021

Only on episode.2 and this guy has caused my forehead to cringe for 40 minutes straight and my chest to tense up in stress. Seems like there's a foreshadowing spoiler comment somewhere below mine but based on just the first 2 episodes he comes off as such a fucking beta cuck who can't be striaght forward in a proper manner and is just entirely awkward. Hate these kind of characters, I swear. Would punch him in the face every time he just clams up and shit.

LoliAya Jul 13, 2021

Disgusting creature.

KirihikoAzuma Jul 3, 2021

This MC Should go DIE somewhere,👿 Oh Wait He Did Go and Die Somewhere LMAO 😈