Makoto ITOU

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bmerinojaral Sep 17, 2020

I really liked this character, I know that he made really bad decisions but at least he apologized. He did not deserve to be killed, Sekai Saionji was selfish and that caused the death of Makoto Ito. To be honest I was not waiting for Makoto Ito's death and it kind of scared me thinking that Kotonoha Katsura chopped his head off. How could the main character die?

wKEIKOw Sep 12, 2020

He is F*cking man thot...

WxlfyChxn Aug 27, 2020

never hated a character so much

smellysocks Aug 24, 2020

Bruh the only good thing about him is that we can set on how a bad example he is. Katsura deserved more and she even got harrassed by some people because of him.

oAKKO Aug 17, 2020

This character made really bad choices which was the reason that led to his death it made me angry that he has reached his goal and yet just threw it all away.