Makoto ITOU

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NativePerson Nov 14, 2018

All the School Days casts sucks imo. They can go to hell for all I care.

Sharkfinmai23 Nov 11, 2018

I'm happy that Makoto Itou just killed by Sekai Saionji I even watch School Days. I don't find why some people like this garbage guy. Makoto Itou is the shy, clueless and stupid who can't tell the girls like Sekai, Kotonoha and other girls with his pure or something, but his personality is weird and fake. Makoto kiss Kotonoha first, but he also kisses Sekai, more more other girls like Setsuna, Hikari who are become too sexy boy with his hentai. I kinda hate Makoto who becomes the blandest, stupid and uninteresting characters development. He is one of the worst characters in School Days for me. Please die and go to hell!

makoto itou death的圖片搜尋結果

NightTonight Nov 4, 2018

He is just a boy. Not stupid, not retarded. He dosent know any better and isin't self concious just a young boy. And who is young most of the time is stupid compared to a functioning adult.

mangozjeb111 Oct 31, 2018

Makoto Itou is the worst motherfucker i've ever see 

IS one think good in him he's fucking dying at the end 

Fuck you