Makoto ITOU

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kurumi10v3r Apr 8, 2019

This guy is a sociopath with a serious satyriasis problem. He deserved to die.

candydr0ps Mar 19, 2019

lil bitch lmao

TheThirstyOne Feb 20, 2019

The fact that so many people reveled in this young man's brutal murder is astounding to me when it's painfully clear that he wouldn't have ended up a shallow womanizer if Sekai wouldn't have been a conniving slut and showed him that sex is all that matters in a relationship. Sekai is the one that set every bad thing in motion by opening her legs to him. Those other girls he cheated with knew of his prurient reputation, too, so they're at fault for still hooking up with him. He was a teenage boy who just wanted to fuck. He didn't deserve to die because of that. Sekai got what she deserved in the end, though. Fuck Sekai, the true villain of this series. 

Metalblade94 Jan 10, 2019