Makoto ITOU

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jahdaishuriah May 2, 2020

damn this guy gets all the hate because he cheated on a girl/yadere.....well what did he expect...HAAAAAHAAHAAA THOT...

drake101 Apr 14, 2020

the most stupidass character i have ever encountered through out mine anime watching history dont get what writer intention was cz he  is the worst character that dont even deserve to be a villian in any anime i am pissed with this character well i would like to see him as a mc in a NTR hentai and i will be terribly happy in only this NTR hentai 

DeepBlueSee Apr 12, 2020

*sees like to dislike ratio*

*sees all the hate comments about him*

Ahh, I love this community

stardust2222 Apr 7, 2020

This man deserved to die