Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #77
Rank #282

Honest, forthright, friendly, and studious, Maka is both a steadfast companion and a capable meister. Academically, she sits at the top of her class and her practical skills are nothing to scoff at. Living alone with her parter Soul, she strives to be strong like her absentee mother from whom she receives a yearly postcard. In contrast, Maka detests her womanizing father, Death Scythe, and spurns any and all attention he lavishes on her.

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Anime Roles

Soul Eater Main
Soul Eater Not! Minor

Manga Roles

Soul Eater Main
Soul Eater Not! Minor

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Rookblonkorules Apr 22, 2021

MateusCarval, your comment literally reads like, "I hate this character for acting like a human being." Wtf does it even mean.

OsumarefromMAL Apr 8, 2021

I understand disliking Maka in the anime because the anime really messed up her character due to not following the manga properly but some of the reasons for disliking her are ridiculous especially MateusCarvalho590's pretentious and ridicolous reasons (wtf are you talking about bro lmao your comments for characters are pretentious and weird asf). Maka is not my favorite character but she is definitely a refreshing and well written main female character for the shonen genre. Also I hate how people act like she's overreacting for not being a fangirl or easily forgiving of her dad like I as much as I love Spirit let's be real he cheated on her mom and still continues to chase after skirts 24/7, I'd be mad too. And she does show moments of caring for her friends and father. Anyway we stan a queen, Maka rules.

iluvryle Jan 26, 2021


MateusCarvalho590 Nov 13, 2020

I hate Maka Albarn, because she has high emotional complexity of complete levels, with complex attitudes and actions, with obsessions of extremely high levels(and obsessions have extremely strong bad sides, and even if her objections were impaired, she freaked out and had behavioral malaise, and every time Maka is insulted, mistreated, abused, and has her own life harms, she can freak out and can exhibit bad behavior. This proves that over-obsession can leave people and the feeling behind them to be able to have what they want, and excess obsession can severely and terribly damage their own character), very immature, very antipathetic in other occasions, weak psicology, and even though she likes her friends a lot, she never showed high levels of empathy, never showed much attention for others, etc.

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