Mafuyu SATO

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AnonymousFan2019 Nov 27, 2022

I don't really dislike him but I hate how he kept talking about his dead ex like seriously bro you're already in a new relationship and you're just making Uenoyama feel bad and think he's not good enough.

L0WxLIFE Nov 6, 2022

idk i find him kinda annoying

UselessWeeb9765 Sep 13, 2022

I love that one scene where Mafuyu and Uenoyama ask Haruki and Akihiko if they can start dating because it really feels like they were asking them for their blessings to get married Lmao 

LarryF4ce Aug 12, 2022

woah.. this is the only character i could relate to a VERY high level,  i absolutely love this man

Morsan20 Aug 4, 2022

He's so annyoing