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InfinitOtaku17 May 29, 2019

He was one of my favorite characters but for some reason my favorite characters are never the main ones, but when he died I literally balled my eyes out.

Hak Apr 23, 2019

I got to witness his death twice in the old Fullmetal Alchemist and in Brotherhood. He was more obnoxious in the old series and there was less of him in brotherhood. I still think he is best dad and a loyal friend. I wish he didn’t die so soon tho :(

melhn Jan 27, 2019

You can't hate this guy

archol Dec 9, 2018

RIP Man, one of my favorite characters

randomguy87 Apr 3, 2018

And that is the reason why I was pissed when Envy was never given the comeuppance he deserved in the 2003 series and the 2005 movie. Had to wait five maddening years for the moment to finally happen and it was awesome!