Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #3,655
Rank #222

Lurichiyo is the last surviving member of the Kasumiouji clan. She is quite spoiled and has a habit of sneaking away from her bodyguards Kenryuu and Enryuu so that she can have fun.

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ImJustCurious Apr 21, 2021

like what is the point of your existence

SeprithLiCastia Dec 31, 2019

An okay character and an okay arc that gets entierly too much hate because it was in a filler season. Honestly, if you sit down a watch Bleach now, the filler arcs are not that bad. It was having to wait months, or years, inbetween seasons and having to wait so long to get back to the main plot that was the problem. Except the Bounts; that is still too long.

Rurichiyo is a sweet kid with an uncreative perosnal character arc and I like her dynamic with most of the characters, but especially Ichigo; a combination of friend and sister we do not really get from him otherwise.

DoodlebugFour Dec 26, 2014

her arc was so pointless. made it difficult for me to enjoy bleach. too many pointless filler.

randomredneck Mar 14, 2011

This bitch took up a whole arc. A whole, terrible, pointless arc. I waited a year for new Bleach on AdultSwim, and i get this bitch. Worst. Character. Ever.

Azndragon Jan 18, 2011

One of the most stupid characters ever.Also one of the "piss the viewer off till they want to jump into their screen and kill the character" types.

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