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TheIllIntent Apr 2, 2019

For anyone wondering why this character has such a large fan following - it'd be 'cause she's complex. You can't really peg her as a straight up villain 'cause her backstory justifies her position and she has moral standards and redeeming qualities, but her cruel actions and mentality that's callous and even sadistic make it almost impssoble to call her a good person. Sure she's badass and scary and hot and all that, but I doubt she would've been recieved nearly as well if not for her moral greyness. It's a lot more pronounced in the manga than the anime (the latter of which tended to lay it on thick with a "I SUFFER SO MUCH, YOU MUST FEEL SORRY FOR ME" angle.)

MaliciousEyes Mar 14, 2019

That's such a shitty picture of Lucy. Why the fuck would you make that her picture?

sadness Dec 15, 2018

Baddest bitch in town, fucking love her guts. She is not afraid of anything but still has a soft romantic side upon Kouta. Kouta is a huge dumbass, Lucy deserved better. Cried at her death though.

hq11 Oct 19, 2018

Love her !!! 

AtuaDamnedIdiot Aug 30, 2018

We stan a badass queen.