Gender: Female
Hair Color: White
Rank #613
Rank #342
I this character

Anime Roles

Fairy Tail Secondary
Fairy Tail 2 Minor
Fairy Tail 2 OVA Minor
Fairy Tail: Final Season Minor
Fairy Tail Movie 1: Phoenix Priestess Minor
Fairy Tail Movie 2: Dragon Cry Minor
Fairy Tail OVA Minor

Manga Roles

Fairy Tail Secondary
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Minor
Mashima Hero's Minor

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OsumarefromMAL Apr 13, 2021

Overhated character, I may not really like or care for Lisanna that much, and I may think NaLu makes more sense than NaLi, but the lengths NaLu fans go to flanderize and write her OOC to rabidly hate on her is some of the most childish things I've ever seen. Lisanna is an extremely nice and caring person and it makes no sense how she is constantly characterized to be some bitchy evil shallow woman, especially since she is constantly supporting and advocating for Natsu and Lucy to be a thing for god's sake, you NaLu lunatics literally portray a character that wants your ship to sail to be an OOC love rival like really? This is why I like NaLu the least out of the main ships and hope NaLu doesn't become officially canon, I may like NaLu on its own but damn you people ruined it and tbh don't deserve your ship to come true.

It's funny to me how so many Fairy Tail hardcore fans will complain and wonder why fans for other animes will clown them and then do stuff like this, even IchiRuki and Zutara fans treat the less liked girls that get in the way of their ship (Orihime and Mai) with more respect and write them more in character than you NaLu nutjobs. Erza2YuriQueen is right, the majority of Fairy Tail's fanbase is despicable.

asimpisonline Feb 12, 2021

hate her😿🙌🏽

ReviewBonfire Nov 28, 2020

I found her backstory quite promising at first. Not much was made of it towards the end, but the potential was open.

And then suddenly she went from being such an important person to Natsu, to an irrelevant sidekick who had hardly any screen time and is only fan service? Congratulations.

rivermist Jul 30, 2020

She did NOT get in the way of Natsu and Lucy, folks. She's literally just existing. 

inespatriarca Jul 5, 2020

she is always getting between Natsu and Lucy, THIS IS IRRITANT

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