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XkayDi Jul 26, 2023

The way some people ACTUALLY mean it when they say a character shouldnt always have a purpose... no way they are being serious.

I get that many people in real life can be this pointless and useless, I mean, it happens, but if you are writing a story, what is the point in creating a character that fucking INTERFERES with the main story and does nothing else but being a massive burden, and yet she is supposed to be one of the main characters?? The anime would be way better without her, she has no important story, not an important role, she has nothing to do with the main boys, and only causes trouble. The only tiny fraction of purpose I can grasp from this character, is that she at least gave 12 the opportunity of loving...I guess? Even if they just met and even if there is no background or reason on why 12 started to like her but okay...

XkayDi Jul 26, 2023

I ususually try to find good things about the writing of a character, is their story good? Is their participation necessary? Is it a strongly formed character with beliefs and judgement of their own? Does they even have an original desing???

I have never truly hated a character as a whole.. until I met this fucking useless girl. SO annoying, so pointless, so extra and such a hindrance. I hate her and everything about the way they wrote her.

Fatalism Jun 10, 2023

What was even the point of including her in the show? She didn't even do anything besides mess up episode 9 and 12

Rachel1307 Dec 7, 2022

Bro why are these ppl tryna make it seem like she isn't absolutely annoying. There's a reason why ppl hate when girls are in these types of shows, the writers always make them so stupid and annoying. Even as a girl myself I was hoping Twelve would parachute out of that ferris wheel and just leave her to kaboom. The way they just made her that sterotypical annoying brat of a nuisance female -- Fainting at strategic times, trying to cook but sucks, causing trouble, crying because she's a burden, running away and becoming and even bigger burden. It literally doesn't take a genius to figure out what she's about to do probably shouldn't be done. She is the most useless thing and really she has no.. special trait to have gotten so close to them. This show would've been much better without her --or with a less idiotic, imbecilic version of her.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

maaineee Jul 8, 2022

i hate her sm bye

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