Aka: Kira

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Animeblcomicfangirl Sep 26, 2020

Light reminds me of a quote i heard from a webtoon called weak hero

" the strong dont just fall because of their ignorance.....they fall because of their arrogance"

I love light and his ending was truly fitting i smiled even tho i dont hate him

Animeblcomicfangirl Sep 25, 2020

Ok.....i used to love light so so so much...i loved him he was so smart...but after L's drath he became stupod like really ughh maybe it was because everyone around him was dumb so he didn't really have to use his brain like he did for L but ughh honestly ughh i loved him so much i didnt hate him even when he killed L i lived him but the last episode was so hard to watch...the original l8ght wouldve probably been able to predict tht....i no longer have a love hate relationship with light his stupidity was the last straw hes an adult for fucks sake ughh i hate him so much not for the reasons other people hate him its just cause he became less smart tho i think i hate near more than i do him

Kitsume7 Sep 25, 2020

Spoilers I think

I really like him. He made the world a good place slowing crime rates and ending wars at the cost of the lives of those who did wrong. I think what he did was pretty good but the more good he did the more good he wanted to do which ended up causing bad. In my opinion he didn't deserve to die.

sairaragomen Sep 24, 2020

I love Raito, but I hate him as well.

Raito just want to make a better world

its just

he lost sight of his goal.