Aka: Kira

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CrimsonCondor May 26, 2020

Light judged others on the basis of morals, and because morals are subjective constructs ingrained in human nature over the course of generations by authority to maintain order, his actions were unreasonable from the beginning. Considering he cannot understand the most simplistic of concepts such as moral relativism, he is far less logically sound than he is accredited for. L is by far more intellectual; his sole disadvantage was his subconscious desire for companionship. Nevertheless, the former is a well-written character, so I am rationally obligated to like him, as with the latter.

saya993 May 24, 2020

lol. Light is both in the top loved and top hated characters list. 

Mah boi be getting all the glory he deserves.

xSheDevilx May 22, 2020

 *sniff sniff*

Does anyone smell that?

It smells like best boi here.

ElenaMd1 May 21, 2020

He wanted worl to become better by killing bad people but got obsessed with power. He did some really bad stuff but still he is too much hated, there are way much worse villains. 


aryancoconut May 19, 2020

I believe he originally had good intentions, but that he became power hungry and got out of control. I hate his cunningness, dishonesty and downright murderous antics, but he's so well written that I can't help but love his character.