Aka: Kira

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kekelyle Jul 25, 2021

I have a mixed feeling on this but I mostly hate him. He's smart and lowkey hot but he's crazy and a manipulator. He would kill his family and loved ones if they get in his way. I don't like the way how he took advantage of Misa either.

iwreckyou Jul 25, 2021

One crazy ass mf

aninhaanjosss Jul 23, 2021


I HATE HIM. and i'm glad he is dead. (HOW SOMEONE LIKES HIM??? HE KILLS L)

CosmicDream Jul 21, 2021

He may have murdered tens of thousands of innocent lives but boy...this man was HOT

FujoshiLittleBunny Jul 18, 2021

Nobody can hate our God 😌💖 (he will kill u with his death note if you do LMAO)