Aka: Kira

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YamEnele Nov 21, 2019

Top hate and Top Love XD

to all haters, Hey!!! what's wrong with you people?? I love Kira ♡ I know his way is not good but he have good intention. It's sad that death note power consume his soul, he loves the power that he cannot stop it.. but I agree with his ideals, his ways are not justifiable though. Still he's one of my favorite character ( ˘ ³˘)♥

EternalPessimist2017 Nov 6, 2019

Kira was someone I initially sided with-but soon found to be an increasingly unsympathetic figure the more the series went on.

Light Yagami, however is someone that I found to be a tragic figure who I believe would have been better off had he never found the Death Note.

1x100 Oct 27, 2019

Always respected L as a strong, competent rival, but i immediately sided with Light Yagami/Kira since day one. Still, would have preferred L surviving and arresting Kira himself, rather than... that "ending". Also, enjoyed the video edit in which Light kills near and wins. But as long as the plot is Light vs L, Death Note is one of the best anime of all time.

BaagaJB15 Oct 23, 2019

Only problem  I had with light is you knew your day was coming could’ve used it to your advantage.

F3lla Oct 6, 2019

If only L killed Light's bitchass himself.