Aka: Kira

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TigressKasai Apr 1, 2019

He is a genius,

He is beautiful,

He is God, 

And I love him.

Axopti Mar 13, 2019

I hate him. I hate him with passion. At first, he seemed like an okay person, until he got his god-complex and started manipulating and lying to people. Yes, he was clever, but he was so damn full of himself. I generally like animes focusing on the 'warrior of justice' or 'anti-hero', but he is just a crazy asshole. He thinks he's the only one who can change the world. He's a 'serial killer with a god-complex' - Near

Asono Feb 28, 2019

I really do hate Light. But after re-reading Death Note, I also really like him. I will admit, his first ever intentions on using the notebook to make the world a better place didn't mean he was evil. He was pure, but in a sadistic way I guess? I don't know. What made me begin to hate him though was the fact that it came to a point in where he would use the Death Note MAINLY to protect his own identity. I HATED Light Yagami. But then I decided to re-read the manga. What broke my heart the most was the arc in where he buried his notebook, and both him and Misa forgot about themselves being Kira. Everyone got to see how Light would have been if he had never used the notebook. He was a kind, thoughtful and very dedicated guy who actually wanted to, *ahem* findKira with L. Even to L it seemed weird. All of a sudden, everything he said felt true. That was Light's true personality if he had not even knew of the notebooks existence. This really does show how to notebook corrupts humans and how anyone who uses it only gains misfortune.

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LoveBites01 Feb 5, 2019

He's Intelligent !! 

and nothing to say more

Death note, Light Yagami - Kira :3

ShioriTakahara Feb 5, 2019

I can't really truly bring myself to hate him because a part of me does believe that what he was "trying" to do was definitely right. If he had not gone so off track as to kill innocent people for his own good, then I would have really supported him all the way(this is not to say I would'nt have supported L. I was an L lover all along). But in the end, he just turned into an asshole who was killing people just to protect his identity, he even played with Misa and Takeda's feelings (even though I can make Misa an exception but killing Taked that way when she truly supported him and did everything he said was the lowest of the low). And the way he used Rem to kill L and Watari and turned into nothing but a mass murderer who just so wanted to attain the status of God and wanted people to bow to him, really makes him a disgusting fella. So in the end, I 75% hate him and 25% like him.