Aka: Kira

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LovelessBeauty Dec 6, 2018

Was he really a villain? I don't think he was. Maybe just an asshole but I wouldn't go that far to call him a villain. This is strange because both protagonist and antagonist actually have good intentions, but people like to point their finger at Light because he used people in the process. Also it's unfair to hate a character just for being a villain. Just because you disagree with their views doesn't mean they're a bad character. For example, the Joker. He's amazing, lots of people love him, yet he's insane and a horrible person in a realistic perspective. If you hate Light just because he was a "villain", it'd be very hypocritical for you to enjoy any villain. You gotta admit that Light was a well-written, interesting character.

VIVASPICE98 Dec 3, 2018

In my youth, I thought Light was the coolest because he didn't give a rats arse and he was uncompromising when it came to achieving his goal - ridding the world of scum. To me, that was a commendable task and I naturally cheered him on, but what I failed to realise was just how ego-driven Light's mission was, he had no intention of making the world better. Dude just wanted to be worshipped and feared. Plus, there was no nuance to his morality and as a result his application of 'moral principles' quickly became mechanical and robotic, anyone who got in the way of achieving his goal (which at that point was throwing L off his trail) simply was disposed of. 

I guess at this point, I can regard Light Yagami as a loveable asshole.  

SamOtaku02 Nov 25, 2018

He’s kinda really an asshole but I can’t hate him. He’s an interesting character with depth. He may be a horrible person but he is so damn well written. Misa is a fool for loving him. However, I simply can’t imagine Death Note without Light being the way he is. It puts a strong contrast between him and L, making their battle of the minds that more interesting.