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lvjuicythighs Jan 18, 2021

the strongest of them all.

fidgetspinner Jan 17, 2021

the greatest of all time <3

leviheichoustea Jan 17, 2021


SnowySpirit Jan 16, 2021

He may have been overrated at first but he's not now. Everyone keeps comparing him to Eren, completely ignoring everything Levi did to help him. Eren didn't learn everything by himself, Levi helped him and yet people are overhyping Eren to extreme levels and discrediting Levi. 

Truth be told, Levi is a very underestimated character. I wish people would stop saying he's overrated and using that as an excuse to dislike his character. I don't dislike Eren for all the hype he's getting because he's getting the development he rightfully deserves. Levi deserves credit aswell for what he has done for other people. No one overlooks his fanbase or focuses on his character. That's why I don't agree he's overrated. 

queense Jan 14, 2021

i like his hot-headed character but tbh he is overrated af

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