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levjq Nov 11, 2021

If you hate Levi just because he's "overrated" you're not quirky. He's an amazing character, pretty well writen, and deserves more than the hype. He's a 100/10. Definitely made Attack On Titan one of the best shows/manga. His personality is the best as well. I applaud Isayama for creating him. 8)

jayboiboss Nov 6, 2021

i hate levi with all my heart

Mirken77 Oct 29, 2021

I like his character, I think it's well-written. Though, I have a feeling that there are some things we don't know about Captain Levi.

Zentipede Oct 21, 2021

this old man deserves the hype, the author did a really good job of writing such a complex character like him

does this mean i like him? no, he's not my type of person.