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fleurelle Apr 17, 2021

I love this website too much and the community

200th comment lmao

fleurelle Apr 17, 2021

The way everyone either hates him or is simping over him is actually funny 

heragakill Apr 17, 2021

not only cool but also a very deep and well written character. couldn't be so into him if he was just badass or sth 

LaLeona Apr 15, 2021

I love him, he's hot and he's a well-written character.

Rookblonkorules Apr 14, 2021

imagine thunking any of the SnK girls are a mary sue when this man exists

Love him, but damn. (No, I don't think he's a mary sue, it's just annoying to see characters like Mikasa or Historia called mary sues when this man is a thing.)