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CrazyCatGirl Aug 30, 2019

Meine große Schwester! Sie ist einfach cool! 

mmbroken Aug 15, 2019

I usually don't like characters like her, but I really did fall in love with her and I love the lion aesthetic.

CrimsonCondor Jul 20, 2019

She is the most interesting member of Night Raid in my opinion. I do prefer Lubbock, Chelsea, and Mine, but Leone had a sense of duality and moral grayness the other characters failed to deliver. 

TheIllIntent Jul 12, 2019

This bitch was such a skeevy, morally dubious troll and I loved her.

OpheliaStorm Nov 6, 2018

She was one of the more interesting characters in this show. Too bad they could've executed her a lot better.