Lenalee LEE

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Green
Rank #715
Rank #713
Lenalee LEE

Lenalee is the younger sister of Komui and host to the ‘Dark Boots’. She is exceptionally kind and sees everyone at the Black Order as her family. Though she was forced into becoming an exorcist at a young age and detests fighting with a passion, she does so in order to protect her loved ones.

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Anime Roles

D.Gray-man Main
D.Gray-man Hallow Main

Manga Roles

D.Gray-Man Main

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Fatalism Mar 8, 2023

She's not useless, she's strong and beautiful.

kaguya13 Jul 20, 2021

Cries every time a battle happens. Yells Allen kun every sentence. And gets captured every battle she's useless

doux Apr 17, 2021

look, i like lenalee, shes a cute, wholesome character and has a fun power, but she's CONSTANTLY playing the damsel in distress who needs to be saved by the 'dudes' it's so annoying :/ give my girl more strength or somehing she's constantly unconcious or her legs dont work like ... she's a strong woman! she doesnt need a man to save her every second or be the object of EVERY dude's affection smh. 

chiiusaa Dec 20, 2020

She is amazing

PoppyFlowerField Dec 11, 2020

To me she feels like the second coming of sakura -_-