Aka: Lulu, Zero

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vivistar Jul 16, 2022

love the photo they chose for him 

Kabah281 Jul 12, 2022

Complicated yet captivating character. He had his good and bad moments but never met a situation nor challenge without being tactful, resourceful, dynamic, courageous and outspoken. Lelouch is a classic example of characters who wrestle with having an exceptional power as they fight against internal and external evils. I wish his ending had been somewhat different, but still love and admire Lelouchfor his virtues despite resorting to duplicitous means to bring about the greater good. 

66Jesgre Jun 10, 2022

Basically Light Yagami, but isn't pure evil and is anti-heroic/anti-villainous, remorseful, succeeded his goals and redeemed himself.

sasukesreincarnation Jan 10, 2022