Aka: Lulu, Zero

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thesaltking15 Apr 18, 2021

lol dead lmao cringe am i right this is a jojo referance am i right guys???

dazai253 Apr 2, 2021

one of my favourite protagonists

Rookblonkorules Apr 1, 2021

I mean, I like him, but the amount of shade people throw at the other characters on his behalf is seriously unnecessary and has made me like him less. Which really isn't fair to Lelouch because he obviously didn't ask fans to behave that way, but it still affects how I see him.

VersaKwizz Mar 15, 2021

One of the most inconsistent character i've seen. Dumb and unlikable. 

imaweebforlife Feb 22, 2021

I just finished the anime...and it kills me tht lrlouch died for everyone yet the whole world is going to hate him and barely anybody knows wht he did..and the fact tht he wanted the whole world to hate him makes it sadder..im sad my king lelouch