Aka: Lulu, Zero

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Antartiquez Dec 1, 2019

The ending!!! He doesn't deserve it. If I become rich in the future, I'll give money to this anime just for him to be revived like The Grandmaster of Cultivation. But like he'll be seen as a good person. His actions are so selfless but selfish at the same time. 

Oblithian Nov 24, 2019

It would seem this character is very polarizing

ilovedog1s Nov 5, 2019

Well wow he is smart I think geass fits him well besides his father omg I hate hate his father no nice words for him lamo anyways back to lelouch wait if we had a cross over who would win Mefisuto or lelouch well XD I’m such a weeb 

BaagaJB15 Oct 15, 2019

I thought I dislike the character but after finishing 2 season how can you hate him

Tahsinahrar Sep 13, 2019

He is worthy of a God i swear 💯😭