Aka: Ryuzaki

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kekelyle Jul 25, 2021

I love L so much. Feel like he died too early in the anime though. 

iwreckyou Jul 25, 2021

God-tier character but fucking Near came and ruined it

Zuclyn Jun 27, 2021

Overrated - that's all I wanna say

Looliett Jun 23, 2021

My name is basically Lawliet but MISPELLED. 

Note: I love this anime so much, because it was the anime who turned me into a weeb. L was my first husbando tho :-)

Supernova90 Jun 4, 2021

I'm embarassed at how much i cried over this emo twink, Light was his first friend and the fact that the smiled as he died broke my heart. I dont even wanna continue watching anymore, especially since I know Misa is gonna end up killing herself and thats probably gonna break me too.

If Light doesn't end up being rightfully punished I will personally go back in time and rewrite this stupid ass story.