Aka: Ryuzaki

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #1
Rank #48

Secretive, meticulous and cunning, L's desire to win coupled with his intellect give him the reputation of being the best detective in the world. His disheveled and childish exterior masks his sharp and analytical mind, throwing off his adversaries. Reclusive and paranoid, L solves his cases by communicating with the outside world via his assistant Watari and a computer with voice scrambler. L has a sweet tooth, and can often be found crouching instead of sitting normally while snacking on cakes. He is adept at mind games and much like a child, is willing to do almost anything to win, aided by his mysterious, impassive expression and his monotonous voice, which make him impossible to read.

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Anime Roles

Death Note Main
Death Note Rewrite 1: Visions of a God Main
Death Note Rewrite 2: L's Successors Minor

Manga Roles

Death Note Main
Death Note: L Change the World (Light Novel) Main
Death Note Special Minor

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kekelyle Jul 25, 2021

I love L so much. Feel like he died too early in the anime though. 

iwreckyou Jul 25, 2021

God-tier character but fucking Near came and ruined it

Zuclyn Jun 27, 2021

Overrated - that's all I wanna say

Looliett Jun 23, 2021

My name is basically Lawliet but MISPELLED. 

Note: I love this anime so much, because it was the anime who turned me into a weeb. L was my first husbando tho :-)

Supernova90 Jun 4, 2021

I'm embarassed at how much i cried over this emo twink, Light was his first friend and the fact that the smiled as he died broke my heart. I dont even wanna continue watching anymore, especially since I know Misa is gonna end up killing herself and thats probably gonna break me too.

If Light doesn't end up being rightfully punished I will personally go back in time and rewrite this stupid ass story.

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