Aka: Mama

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #93
Rank #677

Vice president and treasurer of the Host Club, Kyoya comes from a family that makes its fortune in medical equipment and hospitals. Beneath his cool exterior lies a brilliant financial mind that churns constantly in the service of the Host Club. Many of the members consider him to be the power behind the throne, but he plays along with each of Tamaki's crazy schemes, pausing only to run the numbers and smirk knowingly.

I this character

Anime Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main

Manga Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main
Ouran High School Host Club Short Special Main
Ouran High School Host Club University Special Main

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Cockatoosama Feb 4, 2024

I hate his smug douchey "I'm smarter than everyone else" routine.

He feels like someone who would be better fit trying to hastily usher Columbo out of a room.

Cockatoosama Feb 2, 2024

Attempted rape isn't good, but what really turned me off was him being rude to service industry employees.

Qixo Jul 21, 2023

At first I was kinda happy to see his character since I was like "finally a sane person in this show" (besides the main character). The main, and honestly only reason I liked him was due to his voice actor being the same one who voiced tomoe in kamisama kiss. Which mostly distracted me from half the stuff he said/does cause I was just like "OH MY GOD ITS TOMOE"  However that does not excuse the whole "you can pay with your body" scene where he "jokigly" almost r@ped (idk if we can say that work) the main girl...He's so creepy and r@pey..

rinnyisrin Mar 15, 2023

goofy ass trash ass character bitch built like breadstick stiff ass boy

Lukasxo Jul 3, 2022

the whole scene with him and Haruhi was a bit red flag but i really like his character still and hes hot 0-0