Kyousuke KOUSAKA

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mrcokamrcoka Feb 10, 2016

All of you should have already know he'll give up on a cute girl for his sister from the start because.... that's what the show is about.... an incest relationship. If you don't like the character then insult the creator.

I too was disappointed about that fact but i kinda knew that would heappen.

InuzukaHokami Jan 22, 2016

Fucking heartless bastard.

DoodlebugFour Sep 21, 2015

I don't care if Yuuichi Nakamura-san is voicing you, your bland compared to the rest of the cast, and your rude little turd of a sister of all people, HOTONI!!!???

Mio Mar 20, 2015

What kind of moron would give up a cute girl who deeply loves him just so that he could date his sister for a short period of time? It's not even just with Ruri, he burnt his bridges with all of the other girls who liked him as well. Moron. =_=

bobjoekaren Mar 19, 2015

What a waste. He had SO MUCH potential to be an outstanding character with a promising future with one of the female characters. Most of his actions throughout the series were noble and justifiable that is until his decision at the end. Absolutely enraging.