Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Rank #2,831
Rank #4,571

Kyouko serves as the manager at Wagneria and spends most of her time doing administative work and eating the resturaunt's food supply. Away from the floor, her gruff mannerisms and violent nature remains directed at only the most out-of-line customers. Despite her uncaring facade, she cares about her staff--so long as they don't make her life any more difficult. She harbors a special affection for Yachiyo whom she has known and protected for many years.

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Anime Roles

Working!! Main
Working!!! Secondary
Working'!! Secondary
Working!!! Lord of the Takanashi Secondary

Manga Roles

Working!! Main

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Ryuga10 Nov 5, 2020

the only character i hate in this series

remmighty Mar 13, 2019

I mean, I know she can be "weird" at times but she kind of has a good personality.

Galm1 Dec 11, 2018

my heart melted when she fed that kid the cake instead of herselffffff 

whothefischad Dec 4, 2018

I like her. She can be useful sometimes,  like the time Poplar got bullied by the customers she literally kicked them out and even mugged them. 

Epimondas May 17, 2016

So what is good about this woman?  I can not find a thing.  As a manager she sucks, as a worker she is horrific, as a friend she barely makes more of an impact than a ghost, and as a role model, she makes criminals look high standing.  You will rarely encounter any one as lazy as she is or who eats as much.  The only thing I can conclude is that she plans to become a 700 lb woman who can't even move sometime in the near future.  Lethargic and eating as much as she is, I don't see how she can possibly burn off enough energy to remain athletic let alone thin.  She could probably out eat Godzilla, King Kong, a herd of Blue Whales, and a herd of Brontasaurs without even breaking a sweat all at once.  Needless to say, that can't be healthy even if she somehow managed to burn it all off.  And her friends and workers she essentially only sees as sources of food.  I'd feel closer to a pet rock than a person like her.

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