Aka: Assistant, Christina, Zombie

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Happymeal Feb 18, 2014

I don't often enjoy female characters in most any form of entertainment (including TV shows, movies, music, etc.), but this has got to be one of my favorite characters. She's just realistic; I don't get tat feeling with many other female characters. The relationship between her and Okarin is probably the best I've seen in an anime. That made this one for (the anime that is). Don't get me wrong; the funny ass main character (Okarin) is also one of my favorites (and so is Daru) and the plot as well as the story are amazing, but the developement of their relationship seemed so real that i couldn't help but tear up throughout the anime. I have to say that these characters have given me a new drive to watch as much anime as possible (this was when i watched it about two weeks ago that is). 

Burningblade04 Aug 7, 2013

overrated shitty waifu

ChihiroAoi Mar 5, 2013

"My Assistant" - tsudere queen xD