Aka: Assistant, Christina, Zombie

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bu773rfly Apr 14, 2015

She'd be the perfect 2D girl if she didn't have (or had) daddy issues.

KawaiiShinigami Apr 3, 2015

A very good tsundere character. She can be really angry and irritable, but when alone... heh. So Kawaii. She has a very good place in the anime, she balances things quite a bit. "I am mad scientist." 

KnightOfCydonia Mar 11, 2015

Literally the only good tsundere character I can think of.

tanteiRE Aug 10, 2014

Makise is such an odd character. The combination of a genius girl scientist and a tsundere just doesn't work. Everything about her is unrealistic: from her career to personality to relationships.

While her seiyuu may sound wonderful in other anime, I cringed everytime I heard her speak. And saw her blush awkwardly.

DarkMakor Mar 22, 2014

oh my god the shit she went through in the movie... and that was just a small fraction of what okarin went through o.O