Kureo MADO

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Alquds98 Jul 27, 2016

In this anime I side with humanity screw the ghouls (how can you sympathize with beings who eat humans when we are also human) but ya mado is a cool nutjob.

Zyra May 20, 2016

I have no reason to love or hate this character. On one hand he was killing ghouls, innocent or not. But on the other hand he was only doing his job, to protect the people in the city. I lean toward the ghouls side on this, because it was horrible to kill ghouls who had never done anything wrong. I really want to hate him, but he was only doing his job.

ryanshowseason2 May 4, 2016

Best character in the show. He had good reasons to hate his foes.

Basically he lived long enough to see himself become a villain.

As awful as he was he still inspired good in others, which is more or less how reality works. ie Columbus may have inspired thousands with his exploits but man he stepped on a lot of toes to get there. Same goes for Mado, a very realistic depiction of the hero concept.

BotanicIvory Feb 25, 2016

Damn it, I don't know about this one. I want to hate him so so much but really all he was doing was his job. Perhaps he enjoyed it a bit TOO much, but come on as a human these ghouls are eating all the people you know and love. Like his own freaking wife got killed and devoured in front of his very eyes. Like with most, if not all of the ghoul investigators, he's just trying to protect his own species.

And apart from this, he actually seemed like a pretty alright guy. Kinda creepy but a good father and colleague.