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AstenDevelstorn Aug 21, 2016

Krul Tepes is a very lovable antagonist. Smal and cute, no one can resist her

Zechariah12 Aug 14, 2016

Did she just died at the second season??? dafuq

Gabbers013 Feb 25, 2016

From the first time I saw this character, I fell in love with her. I saw her and went, "Yep, there's another one I'm gonna cosplay.."

Even though she's got only a few scenes, she's so menacing but so loli all at the same time lol

JewellTH Feb 13, 2016

Loli vampire 10/10

footmaster Jan 27, 2016

Krul Tepes is my favorite girl in this anime... even though she has very few scenes.

I was already attracted to her especially in the opening song where she dances ----- she's so LOVELY <3

I like her seriousness and elegance.

She's a cute and strong loli vampire queen. :)