Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #263
Rank #1,841

Anime Roles

Bakemonogatari Main
Bakemonogatari Recap Main
Bakemonogatari Shaft Seisaku Tokubetsu PV Main
Hanamonogatari Secondary
Kizumonogatari Part 1: Tekketsu Main
Kizumonogatari Part 2: Nekketsu Main
Kizumonogatari Part 3: Reiketsu Main
Koyomi History Secondary
Koyomimonogatari Main
Monogatari Series: Second Season Main
Nekomonogatari (Black) Main
Nekomonogatari (Black) Recap Main
Nisemonogatari Main
Owarimonogatari Main
Owarimonogatari II Main
Owarimonogatari II Recaps Main
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Magica Quartet x Nisioisin Minor
Tsukimonogatari Main
Zoku Owarimonogatari Main

Manga Roles

Amarimonogatari (Light Novel) Main
Bakemonogatari Main
Bakemonogatari: Monster Tale (Light Novel) Main
Hanamonogatari: Flower Tale (Light Novel) Secondary
Kabukimonogatari: Dandy Tale (Light Novel) Main
Kizumonogatari: Wound Tale (Light Novel) Main
Koimonogatari: Love Tale (Light Novel) Main
Koyomimonogatari: Calendar Tale (Light Novel) Main
Musubimonogatari (Light Novel) Main
Nekomonogatari: Cat Tale (Light Novel) Main
Nisemonogatari: Fake Tale (Light Novel) Main
Onimonogatari: Demon Tale (Light Novel) Main
Otorimonogatari: Decoy Tale (Light Novel) Main
Owarimonogatari: End Tale (Light Novel) Main
Seishun Kijinden! 240 Gakuen Main
Shinobumonogatari (Light Novel) Secondary
Tsukimonogatari: Possession Tale (Light Novel) Main
Yoimonogatari (Light Novel) Main
Zoku Owarimonogatari: End Tale (Cont.) (Light Novel) Main

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AardvarkRex Sep 18, 2023

"The shortest path to spiritual enlightenment is through the power of lolis."

      - Rev. Ararararagi

MG20010604 Sep 4, 2023

araragi is best character with hero complex - goat

Fatalism Mar 14, 2023

Simultenously the luckiest and unluckiest anime characters. While having the 2 major icons of Waifu culture both after him and develop feelings for him, he also goes through hellish amounts of torture during his time as a vampire. He does his part of adding the comedy to his series and being the glue that holds all the characters together. Great character.

thegirlontheclouds Feb 24, 2023

hes kinda perverted but damn he does it well ughhhh-

gege11 Oct 12, 2022

i never was more counflicted on a chareter before .there are moments when i love him he sometimes has some fun banter and there are moments where he's genunely amazing ,but the aurothr's bearly desigised gross fetishes completly ruin him ,there's litterly no reason for it. he's a pedo ,incestious (despite what he claims) ,cheater ,and during these moments i just want to smash his head to a bglion pices. 

i get why people love him and i get what people why people dispise him . 

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