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RedHydra8 May 10, 2015

He's one of the only good things about the show, and even then they screw him up. They treat his expertise with guns like it's a side-joke or a huge pun. IT'S A ZOMBIE SHOW. GO INTO DEPTH WITH THE FRIGGING CHARACTERS. 

FeelyFeel Apr 22, 2015

Hands down of the best characters in the show. "Revolution, revolution, revolution!" Freaking hilraious.

kaiden2554 Jun 24, 2012

Ugh, it's not because he's fat. But everytime he gets hold of a gun it pisses me off because he makes this face. That face....

AnkiPan Mar 24, 2012

how can anyone hate him? how can you willingly move your mouse over the blue broken heart and whole-heartedly dislike kouta? it's impossible! I tried to see if I could but I couldn't!