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kkaori Jul 28, 2017

komugi x meruem 4ever.

Onepiecefan17 Dec 16, 2016

She  is the cutest.

Epimondas Jul 6, 2016

I just realized why the King is so infatuated with her, it's a guy thing.  For some guys, the weaker and more incompetent (such as a clumsy woman in a anime maid cafe spilling drinks) a woman is, the more he wants to save and protect her.  It is like some deep level instinct thing in some guys.

Epimondas Jul 6, 2016

Did she dye her hair or something because her hair doesn't match her eyebrows or eyelashes and it looks odd but those pigtails make me think her hair is so thick and unmanagable that she needs industrial strength binding bands to keep it in check.  It is remarkable they found her at all given that the ants expecially the king and the royal guard seem to do nothing but kill everything first before even getting a full initial glance.

aznlilpeace Oct 3, 2015

badasss doesnt even know has THE MOST powerful creature on the universe fall in love with her <3