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AngelCake573 Jul 29, 2020

I just finished her arc and I'm literally sobbing. She was one of the best characters in this entire series and I hate that in the end she couldn't have more time. Rest in piece Komugi.

d1abolical Jul 24, 2020

I love Komugi.

She was responsible for some of the best character development I've seen. I've loved what Togashi did by making her an incredibly strong character in a way we usually don't see. Brains matter just as much as brawns.

0kayla0 Apr 29, 2020

amazing how she managed to change the entire course of the season !

MrYou Mar 26, 2019

She looks dirty and cute at the same time. Yoshihiro togashi does excellent job!!!

Dorolynia Nov 20, 2018

Someone please wipe her nose!