Aka: Code 556

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Grey
Rank #2,082
Rank #1,909
I this character

Anime Roles

DARLING in the FRANXX Secondary

Manga Roles

DARLING in the FRANXX Secondary
DARLING in the FRANXX! 4-koma Secondary

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Pawulon88 Aug 19, 2023

unloyal bitch, tfu 

luksrac10 Jan 16, 2022

No la odio pero fue molesto como traicionó a Futoshi el mismo día que le prometió estar siempre con el

L4zyPand4 Nov 22, 2021

Me: Watches that one particular episode

Google: "She's 14."

Me: "Ah so she's underage, that's cool... Wait a fucking minute... AYO HOLD UP"

kanekistoenail Aug 20, 2021

loved her at first until she betrayed futoshi. sis really chose a random ass mf who barely gives a shit about her over a kind hearted person who actually does like her and cares for her no matter what, bruh. i mean, she's free to be with whom ever the hell she wants to be with but was it really necessary to lie to futoshi's face like that? like girl, don't make promises you know damn well you can't keep if you already had a partner idea in mind SAY SOMETHING once you make a promise you make a promise there's no going back and you cannot break it but ofc you had the audacity to break that one rule of keeping a promise. 

i don't hate her nor do i like her at all so i'm not gonna put her on my hate list nor my love list

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