Koichi SHIDO

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Scythi Sep 25, 2018

He was an interesting part of the show in means that in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, you still wouldn't be safe around the people who are supposed to look after your well-being. Not even in a bus, seeking shelter from a massive swarm of zombies. Not anywhere. Sure, he's a creeper, but he made a great antagonist. ┐(゚ー゚)┌

AutaDamnedIdiot Aug 30, 2018

How do nearly 200 people like this douchebag wtffff

FOX555 May 12, 2018

he's "kinda a douche"

KuraTomo Mar 21, 2018

He doesn't even deserve to be disliked (like Rei said). He deserves absolutely nothing and that includes existence [be friends with Sugou in the Void, you f**ker]

aryancoconut Oct 13, 2017

Has the typical character design of an anime asshole: sly, smug face, glasses, suit.