Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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matrixen Feb 25, 2022

То the person who keeps commenting obsessively every time someone deviates from your opinion, accept that not everyone likes your favorite character nor this anime, and move on. It's really not that hard. People have different opinions and that's okay. @MG20010604 Заметила что ты кириллицу использовал, в других обстоятельствах я бы радовалась увидя болгара, жаль что ты заблокировал меня на пустом месте лол 

Epiisode Feb 24, 2022

Generic trash

TanishForever Feb 18, 2022

Man,animator Don't realize what they have created.........

MG20010604 Feb 15, 2022

kirito is not realistic because he play games


MG20010604 Feb 15, 2022

kirito is not realistic because is fucking anime character in vr anime and you are dumb like hell