Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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TheAngelofDeath May 26, 2013

great character, good story, but they should of built much more on SAO and not ALO. Kiritos character could of shined a lot better if they had.

And I must admit... too many girls fell in love with him too fast, there should of only been one other girl besides Asuna if even that.

His character is very straightforward which I like A LOT, and he follows his beliefs without hesitation which makes me like him even more. Those two reasons are the main reasons I like this character... and also he looks awesome!

To the haters below, sorry you feel that way but credit goes were credit is due. No amount of comments or context can change that.

hannes33 May 10, 2013

First things first. I never inteded to claim that all crtitsism is just baseless hate. I just sometimes get the impression when looking at the comments that certain people hate on it for no reason. And sadly beeing mainstream does play quite a reason to some people causing them to intolerately hate it just because they want to be different from the fans loving it. (it is the same thing everywhere, just take music as an example).

Your way of thinking is quite noble and I would be glad if everyone hating on SAO had issues they don't like. sadly most people don't even want to make the effort in thinking about what they dislike, they simply do. End of the story. And that is really disappointing if you ask me. Well but back to the topic. I really appreciate it when people like you place serious thoughtful critisism. Because blindly loving an anime is senseless in itself, since it is a fact that no anime is perfect. If you just dig deep enough, you'll find confusing, stupid, useless or senseless scenes all over. let us take my all time fave as an example: Code Geass. I completely adore that anime. the characters, story and concept of the anime is simply great and honestly sao is nothing compared to it. However, even in such a (in my opinion) masterpiece has contents that confuse or characters, that act quite unnaturaly.I don't want to spoiler anything. those who watched the anime will know.

That is why I like it when people like you too point those bad things out the fan base simply ignores. Of course kirito seems too perfect at times, of course nameless people die and the anime doesn't seem to care about and of course the plot get's more clichee the more the anime advances. that applies to character as well as the story itself. I know that fully well.

Nevertheless I don't think the first arc of sao isn't all too bad. Referring to the point concerning death game: I personally think that is the point where the anime is kind of unique. Normally you would see people beat the game and advance from level to level coming nearer to clearing the game the more episodes pass. but this does not appear to be the case in sao. They beat the game, yeah, but you also see how people start living in that world. you can see humanity adapting to a new environment and that is a point which can be rarely seen in the other animes.

Well enough of spamming the kirito character comment page. If you wish to continue this discussion head over to my profile or send me a message. I would love to head on with this discussion =)

See you. sorry for spamming this page =O

chanellerhest Apr 26, 2013

how can anyone hate him? :o

BlakShiranui Apr 10, 2013

@ hannes33

Saying SAO has an amazing story is somewhat of a hyperbole. Its overall premise is an interesting concept, but SAO does very little to take advantage of the "death game". Sure we've got nameless characters dying left and right, but why do we care? Kirito-sama is the main character so he can't ever lose/die, and don't forget his shoe-horned romantic interest Asuna-sama. I was never too attached to any of the character since: A. We very rarely saw them like Cline or B. They were the main characters, and therefore they had really thick plot armor.

People act like SAO is the second coming of Jesus, and I'm not saying it's an outright abomination of an anime since I really enjoyed episodes 1-12, but it's definitely got a lot of problems, such as ALO being the point where the writing really goes downhill, which a lot of people seem to gloss over when they ride the SAO hype train.

hannes33 Dec 27, 2012

Sao is good. Face it.

There is a reason why so many people like it. it has an amazing story, some quite good and realistic characters and the battle scenes are top notch too. and don't forget about the emotional parts, which also fit in quite well. still like any other anime it has some bad parts too since no anime is perfect, but overall it is a very enjoyable anime that definetely doesnt deserve the hate it sometimes gets.

I know people just call it overrated, because its fan-community grew a whole lot recently and apparently some people dislike beeing "mainstream" and hate on it for no particular reason. I don't don't see the point anyway, why people care about that whole mainstream thing, when they are watching anime, which is already far from mainstraim in most countries.

So haters spare your hate. No one forces you neither to enjoy that anime not than to even watch it. So stop messing with the people, who like it and go watching the anime you think are great.

Btw I have to agree with airbornefilip, Kirito is a straightforward character and I like it. Can't stand  watching too many character, that can't make up their mind about what to do next