Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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TheIceQueen Jul 15, 2016

One of my all time hated characters.

Yavias Jul 6, 2016

i dont care about what anyone else says, but hes really cool

TheIceQueen Jun 10, 2016

"I'm the black swordsman" no you're fucking not.

TaigaTsundere Apr 30, 2016

Such a overpowered character. And all the girls liked him. If he wasn't in Sao, it would have been better.

PixelMonster Apr 4, 2016

Seriously, he is the only reason i didn't liked sao. He is just too powerful and plot armor af.

It's like if he was Jesus of idk. He made no mistakes and does not change from season one to the last episode of the show. There was no character development and that is why kirito is an awful protagonist.