Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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Windicatoren Jun 13, 2017

He is so incredible cheap character I would totally overlook him if there was now such overhype around him and sao

weebsalad Jun 8, 2017

The only reason I am okay with Kirito being a character is the fact that he has a huge harem. It makes it tons of fun to go hit on them whenever they decide to make another game. Otherwise he's total OP no-character-development garbage.

SaltedPistachio Jun 4, 2017

Watching the Sword art online, I at first thought he was an alright character who was a little too basic. Then he started being horrible to the other players. People his own age would be dying and all he would do is shrug his shoulder. The only people he cared about was Sachi, Yui and Asuna. The other people who worked with Sachi he did get upset over but it was only really Sachi. A normal kid his age would freakout and seek help. Not Kirito, who happens to think high himself just because he had played the game before.                                                                

Kiritos flaws

KoldBloodedKiller May 18, 2017

How the fuck is he ABOVE ITACHI ?!?!?

MetalTsundere Mar 12, 2017

yeah he's not good in words i'll give him that but it's jsut he's too damn perfect for the show, no one can beat him and girls love him -_-